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Safe Cap Design Aids Eraza Efficacy

Gardening expert Westland Horticulture is using an innovative packaging system developed by RPC Design for its ERAZA® Slug & Snail Killer, which ensures the safe and measured dispersal of pellets.

ERAZA® Slug & Snail Killer utilises specialist manufacturing techniques to make the metaldehyde pellets more effective than traditional products. This has been achieved by using smaller particles of metaldehyde on a greater scale, which is not only easier for slugs and snails to consume but also ensures efficacy with less active ingredient required.

“Independent research shows that slugs and snails are a constant significant threat to the hard work of gardeners, who are demanding an effective stop that will allow their precious plants to continue to thrive. ERAZA® is that answer,” explains Naomi Jenkins, Product Manager at Westland.

Westland’s packaging brief specified that the solution should be unique and provide instant brand differentiation from its competitors. Working closely with Westland, RPC Design created a unique pack shape that is enhanced by the strong brand image on the shrink sleeve decoration.

Scattering regulations stipulate that concentrated deposits of pellets must be avoided. The success of the ERAZA® pack is the controlled dose system incorporated in the ‘apply it safe’ child resistant cap. This fully approved cap opens with a half turn to expose 3 slots that have been carefully sized to allow a restricted flow of pellets when shaken gently.

The bottle neck has a twin start coarse thread and incorporates stops that prevent the cap from opening beyond the initial half turn, yet allows the cap to be applied easily. There is a feature at the bottle neck that matches with the cap to ensure that it closes fully and provides the necessary restriction to flow that prevents over dosing.

The bottle is blow moulded in high density polyethylene by RPC UKSC and the cap is injection moulded by RPC Halstead in pigmented bright yellow polypropylene.

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