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Personalised Waterproof Makeup Case by Axilone

AXILONE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stoppers, caps, designer packaging, jars and lipstick cases.

The demands of the new forms of cosmetics on the market have led Axilone to create a new style of waterproof makeup case.

Made using a bi-injection process, the case has a supple elastomeric zone between the rigid PP casing and the lid which houses the personalised photograph or other element.

The lid and base fix together when the case is closed. As the base is not rigidly attached, it centres perfectly with the lid, ensuring an efficient watertight seal.

You can personalise the case any way you want, depending on your mood and style. Glam, natural, pop …. even the craziest ideas.

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About the ILEOS Group:
ILEOS is a leading supplier of packaging to the fragrance, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry, with 3000 employees. ILEOS’s subsidiaries Alliora, Axilone, Socoplan/Biopack, Packetis generate a turnover of 245 million euros in 2009.