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MBF Plastiques: Extraordinary expertise illustrated by three complex achievements

With appearance becoming more and more important, the biggest names in perfumery are relying on innovative packaging to attract an ever more demanding clientele. They are calling on the best manufacturers to ensure that their projects bring the desired outcome.

Among these companies, L’Oréal, with Victor & Rolf or Yves Saint Laurent, and Biotherm sought out the expertise of MBF Plastiques to create the diffusion systems for their perfume bottles, thus offering their clients perfectly executed packaging that exactly corresponds with their distinguished brand image.

This specialist in plastic injection, founded in 1954, has complete skill in every area, from the design of pieces to the creation of equipment, its manufacture, and its integration, in order to meet the needs of the most important brands.

Victor & Rolf: a new motion
For Eau Mega, the latest Victor & Rolf fragrance from the L’Oréal group, the MBF Plastiques teams created a new diffusion system. “The difficulty lay in the spray using horizontal transmission and vertical spray,” explains Alain Pagneux, director of development for MBF Plastiques. “In concrete terms, the pump is pressed vertically while the fragrance is diffused horizontally. The brand conceived this original idea and our teams rose to the challenge.” To achieve this, the mechanical functions were separated from the aesthetic functions. After eight months of development and tests, the entire piece is composed of 12 parts, including a specific push-button.

It was also necessary to adapt the diffuser to a cylindrical bottle, and the mechanism required the neck to be simplified. “This project involved close collaboration between the L’Oréal and MBF Plastiques teams,” continues Alain Pagneux. “It resulted in an exceptional product that is also bringing a new motion to perfumery.”

Opium: a legend revisited
L’Oréal also placed its trust in MBF Plastiques for the new version of the Opium bottle. This legendary fragrance, first released in 1977, has sold more than 100 million bottles. Recently, Yves Saint Laurent decided to offer a newly designed bottle. Known for the quality of its work with mass-produced parts, MBF Plastiques was charged with the updating and assembly of the galvanized push-button-operated nozzle. The main difficulty lay in the attachment of the galvanized button with the diffusion nozzle, held on by clips, the metal rings provided by Valois and the nozzle by Emsar, two other companies in the Aptar group. All of this was done to guarantee all of the controls necessary to ensure faultless production.

In addition, MBF Plastiques did not hesitate to implement a new production line in order to ensure the capacity to handle large-volume commissions from its client.

Biotherm: high-quality coatings
Men’s colognes have not been left out. In fact, MBF Plastiques utilized all its expertise for Force Biotherm Homme, the first eau de toilette for men from Biotherm. This bottle, with its purely and firmly masculine lines, is composed of a system of a spray cap made of metal-coated polypropylene and a push-button topped by a shining silver galvanized over-button specially developed for this project. Optimal durability of the metal coating is ensured by varnished finishing. The fruit of cooperation by Aptar Beauty + Home, the bottle is equipped with a Valois pump. In addition to being of high aesthetic quality, it is very easy and pleasant to use. Moreover, the internal spray-button window is perfectly adjusted so as not to let in any light, even at the end of activation. “MBF Plastiques knew how to overcome the limitations and work with the packaging/content compatibilities involved with alcoholic solutions,” says Alain Pagneux. “We specially developed an industrial process to optimize the durability of the varnishes and metal coatings.”

With these achievements, MBF Plastiques demonstrates its technical know-how and capacity for innovation in the selective perfume industry. A true partner in the development phase, companies can count on its capacity for innovation in the procedures used as well as in the originality of concepts.

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