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Recycled Pail Provides A Green “Lick”

RPC Containers Oakham has manufactured a 12.5 litre pail using reprocessed PP to provide Owens Nutrition with a ‘green’ solution for its animal feed supplements.

Based in North Yorkshire, Owens Nutrition specialises in the production of mineral ‘licks’ for the well-being of grazing animals in the UK and abroad, including cows, sheep and deer. The company’s molasses-style products are supplied in buckets, which farmers place in fields for their stock to visit for a lick.

Owens Nutrition was keen to find a more environmentally-conscious solution without compromising on the robustness of the pail, which must be able to withstand the rigours of weather and creature alike. RPC Oakham, asked to devise an appropriate pack, found the answer in its in-house waste material.

“This isn’t post-consumer recycled material but rejected containers made from virgin polymer which, once ground up and then washed clean, is ‘as new,’” explains Mark Seddon, General Sales Manager at RPC Oakham. “Ordinarily, waste PP would be sold off but by recycling it for primary usage we can offer Owens Nutrition a solution that makes optimum use of resources to enhance their ‘green’ credentials.”
At the same time, Owens Nutrition is taking advantage of RPC Oakham’s extensive in-house decoration capabilities, as the pail is dry offset printed in three colours. RPC Oakham worked closely with Owens to ensure that the artwork concepts translated into a high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing final image.

Initially, the injection moulded RPC pail is being used to pack Owens’ high magnesium ‘lick’, with further roll-out to other products anticipated.

“We are delighted that RPC Oakham has been able to find such an innovative means of meeting our need for a pail that is robust, good looking and environmentally responsible,” comments Andrew Owens, Managing Director of Owens Nutrition.

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