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Innovation Rolls On Thanks to Bayonet Closure

RPC Bramlage has underlined its expertise in the development of innovative personal care packaging by assisting L’Oréal with the creation of a patented sealing technology for its latest roll-on product.The container for Garnier Deodorant Mineral delivers a combination of ergonomic design, fresh and vibrant colours, and a new bayonet locking mechanism, which enables easy opening and secure closing of the two-piece injection moulded cap.

A crucial consideration was that the cap fits tightly to the geometric design of the injection blow moulded bottle, to enable the roll-on to be stored upside-down for efficient dosing and an eye-catching appearance.

“The creation of this innovative closure demonstrates the successful working partnership between L’Oréal’s packaging development department and the Technology Center at RPC Bramlage-Wiko,” explains Josef Hilgefort, Sales Manager at RPC Bramlage.

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