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UPCAP, a revolution in the aseptic capping market

First of all it is the “look” of the machine which surprises. No more imposing housing covering the container circulation path and supporting the mechanical screw-capping elements. The machine appears lighter and simpler than ever before.Why this revolution?  Because this screw capper has been specifically designed for use in an aseptic environment. The term “aseptic” means elimination of all risks of contamination. It is exactly for this reason that the UPCAP screw-capping technology is so innovative.

First principle: Avoid the risks of contamination by limiting as far as possible the presence of equipment inside the aseptic zone. This is why only the essential capping elements are kept inside the aseptic zone and all other elements moved outside.
Mechanical elements such as cams, actuators, guides, drive motors and electronic systems are located under the machine frame in a non-sterile zone. The technician is therefore able to easily work on these elements without risking a loss of sterility. Production is not interrupted and productivity is maintained.

Second principle: Favour the conditions of hygiene for all screw-capping elements inside the aseptic zone.
In order to ensure that no particles, resulting from machine operation, attain the sterile zone of the container neck, the number of elements remaining above the container neck is kept to a minimum. The guide and sliding elements are located under the container shoulders. Only the spindle head, with a minimum surface, is located above the cap.
Furthermore, the clamp holding the container, as well as the top carrousel plate have large openings to allow passage of the sterile air laminar flow inside the aseptic enclosure and thus enable it to retain its unidirectional characteristic. This feature also facilitates cleaning and decontamination.

UPCAP, is the first screw-capping system specifically designed to optimise capping operations in an aseptic environment. The result is a machine which is fundamentally different and innovative in its choice of techniques.

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