Linx Printing Technologies has launched an IP65-rated version of its best-selling thermal transfer overprinter. The new Linx TT5 Washdown Printer uses a specially designed Washdown cassette during washdown routines, to ensure that the equipment is protected against water and dust ingress.The new coder is a response to market demand to reduce down time and the inconvenience associated with washing down thermal transfer printers. Since unprotected printers are liable to expensive damage if splashed, additional covers or enclosures are usually required for washdown – which is inconvenient and wastes time that operators could use for other tasks.

Another area of concern amongst manufacturers is that, typically, printers and controllers must be taken off-line for washdown preparation, which can add up to an hour of down time – a costly and inconvenient issue.

Linx’s solution is to supply a specially designed IP65-rated Washdown cassette, which is inserted in place of a standard ribbon cassette prior to washdown. This fast, simple process is achieved within seconds and seals the printer for maximum protection which means that the printer can be left on the host packaging machine during washdown.

At the same time, the printer’s controller has been redesigned so that it is IP55-rated once the connectors at the base of the printer have their protective caps in place – which is quick and easy to do. The new version is the same width as the standard TT5 printer controller so it still fits into existing brackets.

Typical applications for the TT5 Washdown Printer are in food factories, including meat, fish and frozen foodstuffs, where washdown is required to meet hygiene regulations.

Extensive field trials conducted at installations in the USA and Germany confirmed the suitability of the Linx TT5 Washdown Printer in combating fluid and particle ingress in such environments.

“Factory efficiency is paramount, and washdown is an operation that can easily be improved by reducing the inconvenience and the costs associated with it,” explains Rajiv Narayan, Product Manager of Linx Printing Technologies. “The launch of the Linx TT5 Washdown Printer provides a range of food and other manufacturing sectors with the means to ensure fast, flexible and safe washdown procedures.”

The Linx TT5 Washdown Printer is available globally, but not in the UK

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