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Nescafé coffee in a self heating can

Nestlé self-heating can

3-piece welded steel can (33 cl), use a double die neck. A button on a plastics membrane in the base of the welded can to operate the heating mechanism. Use of ferrolite, a film laminated steel, for the support of the insert. Insulating exterior sleeve to facilitate handling of hot can.

Stay on tab end is seamed on and retorted (required due to milk in the drink). Unique tamper-proof feature: as evidence that the button has been pushed, the Nescafé can has red food die in the lime which is visible through the bottom of the can. Plastics rim is also applied to the top seam.

The can have a decorative shrink label, and the packaging is a convenient supply of individually heated coffee for ‘on the go’ consumption.

Prepared under controlled conditions to guarantee excellent product quality. All materials used are self-contained, safe and recyclable. Can be filled on a conventional can filling line, using standard stay-on tab ends and does not require nitrogen dosing. Use of existing distribution networks and retail outlets. Concept could open up new market for canned self-heating products eg tea, soup, chocolate, alcoholic drinks and pharmaceuticals.

Owner: Nestlé UK

Can manufacturer:  Thermotic Developments UK & and Crown Technology

Document by:  Empac