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Sidel’s Packaging Design department recognized by Pentawards 2009

On October 2 in Brussels (Belgium), the international jury for Pentawards 2009, a worldwide competition dedicated to packaging creativity, recognized the Sidel Packaging Design department for its PET beer bottle.

And that makes two. In 2008, it was the NoBottle™, a sleek, light bottle from Sidel, that received honors at Pentawards 2008. In 2009, it’s the 500-ml PET bottle, which was designed for beer and which has a flame-like shape, that has won a Pentawards bronze medal. This award is “proof of the quality of your work and a world-class recognition from the packaging profession,” according to the organizers of the third edition of this worldwide competition, which is exclusively dedicated to packaging design in all its aspects. The jury members, who are all world-class design and marketing experts, had to judge 754 packages from 39 countries, mainly from France, Japan, the USA and the UK, as presented by leading design agencies in five categories: Beverages, Food, Body, Other Markets and Luxury.


A bottle that breaks with traditional codes
When specially designing this bottle for the 2008 Brau Beviale show inNuremberg (Germany), Sidel’s Packaging Design department was looking “to break with the traditional codes for beer bottles and to astonish the consumer.”

Once filled and capped, the bottle is placed on a secondary cap, which acts as a stand. The unique shape and the ergonomics of the bottle are meant to intrigue and attract young consumers who like innovative products. To drink what’s inside, the consumer has to turn the bottle upside down and rest it on its stand: the bottle is transformed into a glass.

More than 300 new concepts each year
Sidel’s Packaging Design department designs highly innovative shapes, reconciling design considerations and technical constraints (barrier solution, bottle lightweighting) through proven technologies. Each year, their efforts result in more than 300 new concepts and some 5,000 bottle drawings. Though culturally traditional, the beer market has, for marketing reasons, become increasingly familiar with PET, which thanks to its plastic deformation qualities and its mechanical performance, offers packaging differentiation opportunities.

About the Sidel Group
With more than 30,000 machines installed in 190 countries and with annual sales of 1.19 billion euros in 2008, the Sidel Group is one of the world’s leaders in beverage packaging solutions: water, carbonated soft drinks, milk, sensitive beverages, oils, beer and alcoholic beverages. Sidel has production sites in 13 countries as well as sales and service offices in 30 countries. Around the world, the Group’s 5,550 employees provide customers with complete bottling solutions, including package design, line engineering, packaging machines and related services. To learn more about Sidel, come visit our Website: www.sidel.com