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NIVEA For Men gets “a head” with Magic Star

NIVEA For Men’s latest range of skincare products is using a customised version of RPC Bramlage-Wiko’s best-selling Magic Star dispenser – featuring a new headpiece design exclusive to Beiersdorf – for assured performance and high-quality branding.

The new NIVEA For Men range offers a complete facial skincare solution especially developed for the demanding needs of men. It consists of five products: DNAge Anti-Age Moisturiser; Gradual Tan Summer Look Moisturiser; Cool Kick Gel; Energy Gel Q10 and Q10 Anti-Crinkle.

Brand owner Beiersdorf wanted a distinctive packaging format that would ensure optimum recognition across the new range, as well as delivering measured dosing and convenient dispense. Working with RPC Bramlage-Wiko engineers, Beiersdorf’s packaging development team achieved a new look based on the proven performance of the Magic Star dispenser, whose ingenious and easy-to-use airless system provides the required amount of product in one measure.

The specially designed headpiece construction accentuates the overall pack appearance with a ‘masculine’ redesign. The dispensing head is raised to give it prominence, an effect enhanced by the use of a clear overcap. An indented band separates the headpiece from the container body to further emphasise its bold look.


Injection moulded in PP random copolymer, the Magic Star is supplied in blue and grey variants, with colour-matched labels applied by Beiersdorf to the outer jar completing the eye-catching packaging solution.

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“NIVEA For Men is a prestigious and popular brand, so our packaging must offer the highest standard in terms of functionality and aesthetics,” comments Kurt Mählmann of Beiersdorf. “We are delighted with RPC Bramlage-Wiko’s willingness to bring a distinctive new look to its Magic Star dispenser to give the new NIVEA For Men range an amazing appearance.”

The new NIVEA for Men dispensing system has already been launched in all European countries, with worldwide roll-out – including the USA and Asia – to follow.

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