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No Danger With U.N. Approved packaging

The expertise of RPC Emballages Moirans in the manufacture of U.N. approved packaging for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) has led to the site being asked for its technical support and advice in the selection of appropriate packaging.Dangerous goods refer to anything which presents a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. These are itemised and classified according to international agreements, enforced by the United Nations, which define the different types of packaging that can be used for TDG by road, rail, sea, river or air.


RPC Moirans specialises in the manufacture of 3 litre to 30 litre packaging which is U.N. approved for TDG use. The factory’s vast range of standard drums for hazardous goods (available with integral plugs and degassers) has been subjected to rigorous testing to obtain U.N. approval. Typical analyses include subjecting containers to hydraulic pressure and stacking to check their integrity, and conducting mechanical and chemical drop tests at -18°C.

Such is the strength of RPC Moirans’ experience that the site is now involved in advising key decision makers on the packaging of dangerous goods. “It is vital that transporters of dangerous goods benefit from practical packaging solutions that combine essential safety requirements with other functional needs,” explains Coralie Martinaud, Quality Manager at RPC Moirans. “We are happy to act in an advisory capacity to show how the latest trends in packaging can deliver the best of both worlds.”

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