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Barrier tests proves plastic to be almost as effective as glass

Long and thorough barrier tests carried out by Superfos give both the leading packaging manufacturer and their customers an innovative market approach – and proves that plastic can be as effective as glass.Innovation is a key driver in the product development and the ongoing relationship with the customers for Superfos. As part of the innovation process, barrier tests are carried out on a long term basis.

Fresh for more than two years
One test example is red cabbage. Sealed within a SuperFlex container with barrier labels, membrane and a membrane lid, the red cabbage had kept both its colour and freshness for 27 months. With ordinary plastic containers, red cabbage usually turns brown after four months, but the test showed hardly any difference in colour after more than two years.

Project Manager Lars Skjold Frederiksen from Superfos says:

“This is a huge step forward and it proves that the freshness and durability of plastic containers is much longer with barrier labels and membrane and that it can actually compete equally with glass when it comes to food containing.”

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Impressed customers
Other tests show that products, which are usually contained in glass packaging as e.g. marmalade, pickles and beetroots, are able to stay fresh inside a Superfos container for more than 18 months without losing their colour and taste.

“These test results prove that plastic packaging is able to compete with glass. So far, shelf life has been the biggest hurdle for converting from glass to plastic, but now new options arise for our customers. They are able to optimise their production because the empty packaging does not take up as much space in stock, noise is lowered dramatically and the security level is improved compared to glass, because there is no risk of broken glass in the product. Finally, it reduces CO2 emissions from transport because of the weight reduction and better pallet utilisation,” explains Lars Skjold Frederiksen and ends:

“Those of our customers for who we carry out tests are always very impressed with the result and that is the most important aspect for us.”