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Nestle´s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Expanded steel can resembling an old milk can with colourful lithography. Envase hojalata huevo pascua 2

Four exclusive tins containing 240 grams pure milk chocolate have been designed for Nestlé  by Future Brand.  The tins are shaped in the traditional shape of the milk cans farmers used for transporting their milk to the factory and are decorated with historical Nestlé images.  The shaped, highly colourful can attracts attention on the shelves and is a collector’s item. It is suitable for re-use after the product has been  consumed.

Market Response :  Won a Silver PentAward in 2008.

Technical Information:
6 colour printing, varnish.

Brand Owner:  Nestlé

Can Manufacturer:   Rimet, Brazil

Designer Details:  Future Brand, Brazil  www.futurebrand.com

Article By:   Steelforpackaging.org