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Promotional Packaging of Nivea beauty for all

Promotional Packaging of Nivea – beauty for all.
 World-famous skincare brand Nivea will soon celebrate its centenary. In 1911, German-owned Beiersdorf introduced the first Nivea cream, which was also the first water-in-oil based cream on the market. Step by step, Beiersdorf has built up this strong brand, the cornerstone of which is the confidence of its target group – one that without exaggeration can be described as extremely broad: Everyone – Always.  

A lot of effort is put into the packaging. In the run-up to Christmas, new promotional packaging is developed that tops sales figures. The tendency is to make packaging season-neutral so that it works as well in February as in December.  

Solid overall economy
Claes Magnusson of Brand’em Communication AB has designed Nivea’s promotional packaging for the Scandinavian market for many years. He changed to Korsnäs White when it was launched a couple of years ago. “Good printing and punching properties combined with solid overall economy has had me choosing Korsnäs year after year. Before Christmas 2009, we will take things even further and print on the back”, says Claes. The image shows the 2008 design, since the Christmas 2009 packaging is still under wraps.    

Producer: Beiersdorf, Germany
Brand: Nivea
Design: Brand’em Communication, Sweden
Converter: Ekmans, Sweden
Cartonboard: Korsnäs White 345 g/m²
ABSE-718 80  
Frövi   tel : + 46 581 371 17   fax : + 46 581 310 67

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