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Lever paté© splits in two

Swedish Pastejköket has recently launched a new smaller variant of their liver paté in a solution from Superfos. The result is a pack that stays fresher in the fridge.“A great start”. So it says on the packaging of the new leve paté from Pastejköket that is now also handed over the Swedish supermarket desk in a new variant with 2 X 75 g containers. It has indeed been a great start for Pastejköket’s new packaging solution, which has been developed in  cooperation with leading packaging manufacturer Superfos in order to meet the increasing demands on durability from the Swedish consumers.
“Today, many consumers want variety in what they put on their bread. They want cheese, ham, liver paté etc. This means that the standard 200 g container has gotten too big and that many throw away leftovers. That’s a shame and the reason why we have now introduced our liver paté in a double packaging with 2 X 75 g in each pack,” says Jesper Engberg from Pastejköket, who is a favorite among Swedish paté consumers.


According to Jesper Engberg another reason for introducing a double pack is the fact that the single households are increasing in Sweden. The new variant seeks to meet the needs of exactly this target group.

Opens again and againThe new liver paté packaging solution from Superfos is the award winning SuperSeal in a customised pack to fulfil the requirements from Pastejköket. It has improved snap-on functionality on the lid made of PP material and a PP peel-off and re-close functionality that eliminates the need for aluminium seal during packaging.

“Even though we have never had any complaints about the re-closing functionality on our previous packaging, we want to live up to the highest expectations of our customers. Liver paté consumers can open this pack again and again, but it closes so tight that it will stay much fresher than before,” explains Jesper Engberg.

SuperSeal’s combined PP lid and hermetic PP seal means that the lid opens and closes easily and tightly every time. The result can be oxygen transmission rates below 0.004 and a shelf life equal to that of traditional barrier packs. For Pastejköket, this was the main reason for entering into a partnership with Superfos. A partnership that has worked really well. Jesper Engberg says:

“The cooperation has been very satisfactory and Superfos has been really active and helpful – also when we have had minor problems in the production.”

Facts about SuperSealSuperSeal’s PP peel-off and re-close functionality eliminates the need for aluminium seal during packaging, which makes it easier to recycle. This is underlined by a recent analysis from Milliken that proves that PP has one of the highest energy recovery compared to other plastic materials. Measured by weight, PP produces less CO2 than e.g. PET, PS and PVC.

In 2008, SuperSeal was awarded a Scanstar and received an IF Packaging Award.