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You can buy happiness; and it is packaged in Korsnas White

With Korsnäs White, we can combine good print results with reduced weight, which means improved economy…

The memories captured by scents such as ‘after a heavy rain’, ‘telling stories by the fire’ or ‘a summer evening in Provence’, or perhaps the scent of a tea or a particular beauty product – for many, these are moments of beauty and pleasure. Add fair trade and organic product certification to the mix and the result is terre d’Oc, a company with its roots in Provence and its mind open to other traditions and cultures. It offers a sympathetic concept built o­n harmony.

The products are sold in Nature et Découverte shops in France. The presence of nature is so strong in the shops you can almost hear the birds chirping. Shelf after shelf is stacked with terre d’Oc products. Many are packaged in gift packs containing several products. All of the packaging is striking with shapes and coulours inspired by the product and origine of the ingredients from all over the world, with the desire to convey traditions and cultures from other countries and to share the world’s riches in an equitable way.


To mark the opening of the Tokyo shop, the company developed this Japanese-inspired gift pack with arabesque-patterned lacquer. It is designed to be delivered flat and unglued and assembled in the shop.
Target market: women of all ages
The packs make these products a perfect present – and it is most often women who buy presents. o­nce a woman comes into the shop, chances are that she will buy something for herself, too.
Korsnäs White for strength and attractive printing – preferably o­n the reverse side
‘We prefer to print o­n the reserve side for the soft surface,’ says Noël Gorde, packaging designer at terre d’Oc. ‘Ever since we started the company in 1995, we have been using Korsnäs board. The volume went up significantly with the introduction of the improved white grade, since we decided to eliminate the plastic window from the packs wherever possible. Windows are a strong trend, since consumers want to see what’s inside, but eliminating the plastic demands much more of the board material. Korsnäs’ renowned strength was exactly what we needed.
‘With Korsnäs White, we can combine good print results with reduced weight, which means improved economy,’ says Noël. ‘Since environmentalism is o­ne of the cornerstones of our business concept, we evaluate our suppliers from a green standpoint, and we are very confident that Korsnäs is treating the forest well. Recently, as we have reduced the number of board suppliers from six to three, Korsnäs’ share has grown rapidly.’
In France, the company sells its products through Nature et Découverte, but they have opened their own shops in London and Tokyo, and they plan to add more. ‘In your own shops, you can go all out and show off the brand better,’ says Noël.
About  Terre d’Oc:
Terre d’Oc was founded in 1995, providing utensils for calligraphy and drawing, and evolved to include scents for the home (Mémoire d’un Instant), teas from all the corners of the earth (Le the de l’hospitalité) and beauty products (Beauté du Monde). They manufacture to order but also maintain a healthy stock of raw materials in order to deliver quickly. The company’s 2007 turnover was €10 million. It is situated in Villeneuve in Provence and has 70 employees. www.terredoc.com
Retailer: Nature et Découverte, France
Brand : Terre d’Oc
Converter : Cartonnages Bes, France
Cartonboard Supplier : Korsnäs AB
Grammage : Aroma set – Korsnäs White 290 gsm
Grammage : Japanese pack – Korsnäs White 320 gsm

An amusing detail of the aroma set with Provençal ornament is the open window through which the bottle ‘protrudes’ from the pack. All the packaging is made of Korsnäs White.