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TOPAS And OPAL the Bagging Specialists

TOPAS and OPAL: The Bagging Specialists
Despite the availability of highly sophisticated silo logistics, bags continue playing an important role in the distribution of bulk goods. Especially for applications involving small batches or the packaging of demanding products, the manufacturers of chemicals, food, and non-food as well as mineral products tend to rely on bags because of their flexible use. When it comes to selecting the appropriate bagging system, the properties of the products to be packaged need to be taken into account. Free-flowing products such as PE resin or vitamin powder make other demands on the bagging technology than do heavy flowing and/or powdery and dusty products such as E-PVC, starch or titanium dioxide.
It is for this reason that engineering company Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) is presenting at this year’s ACHEMA with TOPAS and OPAL two different Form-Fill Seal (FFS) packaging systems specially geared to these applications.
Equipped with edge sealing capability, a handle die cutter, and a newly developed net weighing scale, the TOPAS can be laid out for the bagging of consumer products. TOPAS and OPAL – the W&H FFS specialists capable of bagging of the most diverse bulk goods.
With more than 400 machines sold, TOPAS is the uncontested No. 1 in the field of FFS packaging systems in the free-flowing goods sector. It owes its position, according to the manufacturer, to its outstanding versatility and performance as well as absolute operational reliability. Because of its large size range for filling volumes from 5 kg to 50 kg, and as a result of a multitude of product oriented engineering solutions, it has successfully proved its functionality in the most various bagging situations. Net and gross weighing systems, gravimetric or volumetric metering, bypass hopper, dust removal capability, air evacuation, mitred corner sealing, edge sealing, carrying handle attachment and even explosion-proof design in full compliance with ATEX standards are the hallmarks of the extensive configuration spectrum this FFS system has to offer.
The TOPAS, therefore, lends itself not only tothe bagging of industrial bulk goods but also of consumer products. Other characteristics such as portability and clean-up capability allow for mobile use of the system, for instance, at logistic terminals. The intriguing output capacity of up to 2,250 bags per hour (when bagging PE resin) as well as high effective up-time, low maintenance requirements and reduced film usage as a result of extremely small seal overhangs testify to the machine’s commercial Efficiency and Productivity.
OPAL is the specialty machine for the bagging of heavily fluidized products and products which tend to stick, bridge or clog as well as fine and dusty products. These products needing controlled bagging with minimum entrapped air, the OPAL with its auger metering system in conjunction with under-level product feeding is the ideal piece of equipment for the said applications. After weighing, air evacuation elements ensure effective compacting of the fluidized products.
The application oriented technology allows for a broad spectrum of demanding products to be handled reliably and with maximum economic efficiency, including chemical fine products as well as food, salts, and minerals.Windmöller & Hölscher is an internationally leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the flexible packaging industry, the product spectrum encompassing blown and cast film lines, flexographic and gravure printing presses as well as finishing machines, multiwall equipment, plastic sack, bag and carrier bag making machines, as well as form-fill-seal (FFS) packaging systems and machinery for the conversion of woven film.   
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