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The Synthetic Care: Taking care of the shelf appeal of bottled beverage products

Self-adhesive filmic labels are nowadays a really flexible and effective solution for different labelling purposes.
“The Synthetic Care” range collects Gombau Group’s proposal of filmic label-stock, where materials for the beverage industry stand out.
Thanks to the powerful combination with U.V. curable adhesives, our films show superb transparency enabling users to obtain perfect no-label-look.
The ultra-clear GSP13 and GSP16 adhesives also offer the highest adhesion and allow the best conversion into labels. They withstand moisture, pasteurization and sterilization often requested, for example, on pre-labelled beer bottles, so whitening is no longer a problem.











Our product portfolio for beverage labels includes super-clear, white and metalized OPP films, where customers can choose the right material to achieve the most effective branding for soft drinks, milk, fruit juice, mineral water and other flavoured beverages.
Being always in line with market demand, Gombau Group also offer thin films for overlaminated no-label look labels. Using our OPP 30 TR TC PET30 customers can obtain superb transparency, glossy and high print protection against scratching and grazing.
Very high labelling speed is not an issue as our products have been targeted to meet this demand. Gombau Group’s engineered materials for beverage labels aim to boost the shelf appeal of labelled products. 
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