A ring-pull bottle closure, made from tin plate steel, used o­n bottles with a crown cap mouth 

An innovative bottle closure for use o­n  bottles with a crown cap mouth giving an alternative to the crown cork bottle closure. There by giving our customers a way to distinguish their products through the packaging. To design a closure that answered the well established consumer need to open crown cap bottles without having to find and then use, or wait and then use, a bottle opener or some other tool.


Our customers benefit because RingCrown adds value. RingCrown does this because RingCrown caps are different to the crown cap; RingCrown adds value because RingCrown differentiates a product o­n the shelf and in the hand; RingCrown adds value because the experience of using RingCrown is new to many users. The ability of RingCrown to be used as a powerful marketing tool and thus drive sales growth. A low capital investment is required because an existing sealing machine, in a bottling line, requires o­nly a minor modification to apply RingCrown after which the sealing machine can still be used to apply either crown cap or RingCrown caps. More details can be found by viewing our web site at www.finn-korkki.com The RingCrown consumer benefits from an easy to open lift off bottle cap. The design of the RingCrown cap brings benefits of safety to the consumer because the cap is tamper evident.

Market Response:
Good sales volume growth has been achieved by our customers who take full advantage of the marketing potential of RingCrown. Using either the innovative RingCrown cap directly in the marketing or by promotions / competitions made possible by internal printing of the RingCrown caps. Our customers have used RingCrown with a wide range of drinks, for example beer, spirits, juice, soft drinks, energy drinks, water, ice tea and wine.

Technical Information:
RingCrown is made from either tin plate steel or tin free steel; and has a ring attached to the actual bottle cap to facilitate removal of the closure.The RingCrown cap can be printed externally with a full range of colours using metal offset printing technology. Internal printing of the cap is also offered. 

Can Manufacturer Details
Finn-Korkki Oy (www.finn-korkki.com )
Konepajantie 10, 13300 Hämeenlinna Finland 
Tel: +358 (0)3 628 641  Fax :  +358 (0)3 619 7294

By: Steel For Packaging – Apeal.org