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High visibility for Milner Branding

IML combines high-quality reproduction of colours and images with the ability to extend the decoration area wherever it is required on the pack.The creative use of an in-mould labelled (IML) lid from RPC Bramlage Antwerpen, allied to an APET tray from RPC Bebo Nederland, has given cheese manufacturer FrieslandCampina a highly visible packaging format for its new range of cheese slices and pieces.

Recently FrieslandCampina has launched new packaging for ten varieties of Milner cheese in The Netherlands and needed a pack large enough to hold six slices or a piece of cheese, and rigid enough to display the range both horizontally and vertically in supermarket chill cabinets.
The packaging was originally designed for FrieslandCampina by “Plato Product Consultants”. FrieslandCampina selected RPC as the ideal partner, because RPC has both injection moulding and thermoforming in its production portfolio. In the end FrieslandCampina and RPC chose a thermoformed tray in combination with an injection moulded lid, because this combination best suited the wishes of FrieslandCampina.

This was an important consideration for FrieslandCampina, who wished to prevent a potential branding problem common when packs are stacked horizontally on-shelf. The branding on the edge of the lid was also a crucial and essential point for FrieslandCampina. The knowledge of RPC Bramlage-Wiko made this way of decorating possible, helped through good development and a lot of testing.

FrieslandCampina also stressed the importance of the visibility of the cheese in the pack through the decoration of the lid. Therefore RPC Bramlage Antwerpen developed a label with a window. This is the first product of its kind that produces an IML lid with a window on an industrial scale.
The “click fresh” packaging, with a unique click system in all four corners, is easy to open from each corner of the packaging and consumers will hear a “click” when they open the pack. Because of the re-closable lid, which “clicks” on the tray, the cheese stays fresh for a longer time.
“The two RPC sites have combined their expertise to offer the best possible solution to our packaging needs,” confirms Ron Groenland, Packaging Development Manager of FrieslandCampina Cheese. “We are sure that such convenient and eye-catching packaging for the Milner cheese slices and pieces range will prove popular with consumers.”
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