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Custom bottle adds flavour to new Asda range

RPC Containers Blackburn has developed a custom-moulded PET bottle for Asda’s new range of flavourings for home baking, offering convenient, safe handling and an impressive visual appearance.

Manufactured for Asda by Food Innovation using only natural ingredients, the 13-strong range includes traditional flavours such as Vanilla and Almond, but also the ground-breaking use of Spirulina plant extract to bring vivid Natural Green and Natural Blue colours to market.

Key packaging considerations included choosing a robust, convenient material suitable for all ages and creating a design that would allow the vivid colours of the flavourings to be seen. Food Innovation was quick to recognise that its regular supplier RPC Blackburn had the ideal solution, as the company’s Kevin Rushton explains.



 “PET’s lightweight and shatterproof qualities ensure safe use in the kitchen, especially where parents might be baking with their children,” he comments. “At the same time, the bottle’s excellent clarity ensures that each flavouring is instantly identifiable.”

 The RPC Blackburn design is injection moulded with a compact base and a tapered neck for ease of pouring. The 38ml bottle is decorated with a wraparound label and closed with a metal cap.

 For more information about Food Innovation, please contact Kevin Rushton at Food Innovation on +44 (0) 1530 510110.


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