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Your brand o­n a tattoples apple

At a certain time in Spain, there was a problem with sales of apples at harvest time.
Searching for other forms of selling his apples, Mr Escola from Lerida (Catalonia) took advantage of his creativity and was able to duscover through certain experiments, print images o­n apples in a natural way.

Tattoples Apples

He started out by printing o­n a small quantity of apples for Christmas period, which he sold in a very short period of time and made a record in sales with the new product.

The tactics used in processing Tattopples is completely natural. It does not require  the use of colouring but solar energy.

The client presents the desired design and this is posteriorly transfer o­n the apple as a special sticker while the were still green and growing. There are is a wait time for the apple to mature turning red, the sticker falls off and the image is imprinted o­n the apple. With this simple process, a yellow image is formed leaving and impression of a tattoo.

 Belen Zamora V.

Belen Zamora Villamil is the pioneer in the distribution of this new and natural product working hard in introducing Tattopples in United States of America; A country that’s knows a lot about marketing and where a lot of clients are already in line to place their order for the coming year 2009 harvest.

Tattopples is useful in a number of ways including but not limited to the following:
-Invitation cards.
-Business marketing.
-Wedding memoirs.

For more information about Tattopples, please contact:
Belen Zamora Villamil
General Manager Usa