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Today at PACK EXPO, The innovative packaging… Utensil? Package? Both!

A novelty: Snapsil is an innovative package and a convenience utensil in o­ne. These features of Snapsil will open new market opportunities even for “traditional” products. With Optima Snapsil 400, Optima Group Consumer presents an efficient packaging solution that offers excellent process safety. Optima Group Consumer is the exclusive machine partner for Snapsil…


Snapsil integrates several advantages: It’s a functional symbiosis of package and disposable utensil – integrating infinite storing function and lasting product protection, thus securing long shelf-life of the packaged product. The use of Snapsil is a breeze, and it can be opened and reclosed with just o­ne hand.

In addition, the new package type features multiple chamber designs.   An intactness closure shows if the package has been already opened or if it is safely closed. In addition, Snapsil comes with large surfaces, giving food manufacturers the opportunity to present their brands attractively. Thus, Snapsil helps established products to create a new attractive image, gain new customer layers and realize new sales potential in the OOH sector (out-of-home sector).


OPTIMA Snapsil 400
The OPTIMA Snapsil 400 packaging machine has been developed in monoblock design to realize the largest possible modularity while keeping the machine footprint small. During processing, four attached Snapsils are destacked and placed into a conveyor plate. Then they are cleaned by a blowing/suction function. A volume doser portions the filling material – sugar for example – into the Snapsil package. Next, the sealing rim of the package is cleaned again. In parallel, a membrane from the roller is cut and directly sealed o­n by the combination module. Before being transferred o­nto a belt by the pick-and-place function, the finished Snapsil packages can be printed with important product information at the machine discharge – the use-by date for instance. For processing expensive or premium products, the machine can be optionally equipped with an auger filling system.

With a filling volume of approx. 4 to 20 ml, the machine realizes an output of up to 400 units/min. Its extractable function units and a plane machine plate make cleaning the OPTIMA Snapsil uncomplicated. 

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