RPC Kutenholz is supplying its 2L Finesse bottle to Folwark, a leading Polish sauce manufacturer, to provide its range with stylish and convenient packaging.

Folwark ( has been in the business for over 20 years and is well known, both nationally and beyond, for the superior quality of its products and their excellent flavour.


The company’s technologists are constantly improving its recipes – targeted mainly at foodservice customers – to satisfy the ever changing demands of the growing market.

Currently, Folwark offers over 50 standard products and several dozen manufactured per individual orders of various retail chains, hotels and restaurants. Folwark had decided to look for new, convenient packaging that would meet its customers’ needs and asked RPC to offer a solution. Close cooperation with RPC specialists led to introducing a barrier Finesse jar of 2L capacity with a wide variety of sauces to the market.


“We are very satisfied with our cooperation with RPC Containers. It allowed us to introduce packaging of new qualities. RPC also gave us the necessary technical support during the trial phase. We hope that our new products, in new packaging, will not o­nly win the recognition of our domestic customers, but will also increase our export opportunities,” confirms Wlodzimierz Kotaniec, co-owner of Folwark.


Thanks to introducing this new technology, the company is increasing its share of premium class products such as mayonnaises, ketchups and sandwich sauces. Dosing pumps are also used to provide additional advantages for the consumers.


Folwark’s strategy for this year is to maximise its presence in the Polish food market.  This strategy is being executed successfully at a rate exceeding the growth of the gastronomic sector in Poland. “We know what our customers are looking for and we are trying to meet this demand not o­nly by supplying the right product and reacting to market requirements, but also by using packaging of the highest quality.  That is why we’ve decided to use the Finesse jar produced by RPC Kutenholz,” explains Mr Kotaniec. “The demand for dressings and sauces in Poland is growing fast, reaching the levels of the countries of Western Europe in terms of the quality of the products as well. It is a great chance for us and we are going to take this opportunity.”



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