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Grolsch on tap straight from your fridge


2-litre PET solution for drat beer – patented “Cheersch” system

Sidel has supported Grolsch Netherlands (SABMiller Group) in the development of an innovative PET solution which allows consumers to enjoy the full “beer o­n tap” experience at home. The Grolsch product “Cheersch” is drafted from a handy two-liter bottle with a reusable tap kit. The PET bottle blow molded o­n Sidel equipment and patented by Grolsch can be resealed and kept inside a home fridge door for up to two weeks after opening.







When Grolsch approached Sidel in 2006 with a request to help design and produce draft beer packaging for home use, PET was not an obvious answer. PET-bottled beer had hitherto not been particularly successful in the Dutch market. Yet it proved to be the perfect material for a custom-made container tasked to cope with a tap-valve under high pressure while keeping beer fresh and fizzy. Using PET rather than other materials has many advantages. In contrast to glass, PET enables a custom-made bottle neck design which is necessary for a snug fit between bottle, valve, and tap unit. At the same time, PET can withstand the pressure necessary to allow drafting beer without electricity. The 2-liter bottle is lightweight and easy to handle.
The compact two-liter bottle is made from a special PET blend preform and produced o­n a Sidel blow moulding machine. The material and its custom-made seal mean a guaranteed shelf life of six months – exactly the same as with all other Grolsch containers (bottles and cans). The bottles are supplied with CO2 cartridges which enable the consumer to draft their Cheersch at the same pressure as the trade. The system uses a tap unit which o­nly needs to be bought o­nce and does not require electricity to work.

Sidel was chosen by Grolsch as the sole partner with responsibility for the whole line including sub-supplier Coster who produces the valve-inserter and closure unit. The Sidel line includes a Eurotronica FM-LT filler, a Rollquattro labeller, Robokombi palletizers and depalletizers, and conveyors. Close cooperation between Sidel and Grolsch enabled the product to come to market at an earlier date than originally planned, to allow for delivery in time for Father’s day and the European Championship in June 2008.
About Grolsch
Grolsch is a company with a rich tradition that goes back to 1615. The focal point of Grolsch’s commercial activities lies in the Netherlands, Grolsch’s historic home market. However, important international markets for Grolsch include the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand. Grolsch is focused o­n targeting the premium segment with the Grolsch brand as its main product. As of 12 February 2008, Grolsch is an subsidiary of SABMiller plc.
For more information o­n Koninklijke Grolsch N.V., visit the company’s website: www.koninklijkegrolsch.nl or www.royalgrolsch.com
About the Sidel Group
With over 30,000 machines installed in 190 countries and an annual turnoverof 1.22 billion euros in 2007, the Sidel Group is o­ne of the world leaders in solutions for packaging liquid foods including water, soft drinks, milk, sensitive beverages, edible oil, beer and alcoholic beverages. Sidel currently has production facilities in a total of twelve countries as well as sales and service branches o­n all continents, encompassing some 28 countries. Worldwide, more than 5,500 employees supply customers with complete bottling solutions that include package design, line engineering, packaging machines and related services – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more about Sidel at   www.sidel.com