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Regrind Barrier Bottles help Juice Brand to stay TWISTED

Regrind Barrier Bottles help Juice Brand to stay  TWISTED  

The strong relationship between The Big Squeeze Fresh Juice Co. and RPC Containers Corby has been underlined by its continuing use of recyclable bottles from the site for its Twisted juice brand.Twisted is the brainchild of The Big Squeeze’s Manager Director, Simon James, who founded the company in order to provide fresh, organic juices for consumers whose busy lifestyles do not allow them time to create their own. Available in eight flavours, Twisted retails in convenient bottles ideal for ‘on the go’ drinking.
While Twisted juices are fresh, The Big Squeeze wanted to give the brand a five month shelf life to maximise consumer convenience. Recognising RPC Corby’s expertise in PP/EVOH/PP multi-layer barrier technology, the company commissioned the creation of a slim, compact bottle that both looks good and also maintains the quality of the juice.

At the same time, The Big Squeeze wanted the packaging to be environmentally-friendly in order to reflect the Twisted brand’s emphasis o­n healthy living. RPC Corby suggested the incorporation of 35% regrind material – the waste product created during the blow moulding process – into the manufacture of the polypropylene bottle. To enhance the environmental benefits of the bottle, the cap and label are also manufactured in PP to enable 100% recyclability.
Launched in 2002, Twisted has proved to be a hugely popular brand with consumers. Last year, with RPC Corby’s assistance, The Big Squeeze resized the bottle from the original 330ml to a new 250 ml size, reflecting the trend across the ‘on the go’ juice market.
“RPC Corby is an excellent packaging partner,” confirms Simon James. “They are easy to work with, always very supportive and, of course, their barrier expertise ensures that the fresh, great taste of Twisted juices is maintained through the product’s shelf life.”