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Foil laminated Korsnas,White in no time at all!

 Lux-Reflex is a foil-laminated cartonboard that they offer with extremely short lead-times as they have the material in stock and also have the capacity to sheet.

German pre-print supplier Deuschle Druckveredelung launched Lux-Reflex o­n the market in April this year. Lux-Reflex is a foil-laminated cartonboard that they offer with extremely short lead-times as they have the material in stock and also have the capacity to sheet. The cartonboard is Korsnäs White. “Thanks to the partnership with Korsnäs we can offer the facilities of a big group, like their Packaging Performance Service with design expertise, says Mr Dieter Hansel, MD at Deuschle Druckveredelung.
“The fibre composition of Korsnäs White is outstanding for foil-lamination and the well-known formability of the material makes it a superior product for luxury segments. In our production we match their taint- and odour neutral material with a neutral glue, which is crucial for chocolate applications”, says Mr Hansel. But having a good product is not enough. Flexibility is the key-word in business today. “Korsnäs’ short lead-time makes it possible for us to re-fill our stock in no time”, says Mr Hansel.

Packaging Impact also for pharma products  
Perfume, cosmetics, chocolate, luxury drinks and graphical products are the traditional areas for foil lamination. Now OTC (over the counter) in the pharmacy segment has conquered the market with self-service. This means much higher demands o­n packaging impact in the war between the different brands o­n the shelves. Today pharma packaging is influenced a lot by the cosmetic market, which means a clear trend towards more embossing and foil-lamination.
6 seconds to decide
Pre-converting with hot foil stamp, foil-lamination and embossing in general is a growing market for the sophisticated top class applications as it increases the packaging impact. Market surveys show that most decisions are taken in the shops and the average time taken to decide is 6 seconds. The pack is what you see and it has to catch the attention. 

Like a mirror
“The more metal you have in the foil lamination, the more mirror-like effect you get”, says Mr Hansel. Lux-Reflex has a 12 micron metalized PET foil lamination. Deuschle Druckveredelung offers silver foil from stock but gold and hologram is also available with some lead-time. The company is o­ne of the biggest pre-converters in Germany and their total foil-lamination production is 6 million m² per year.
Read more about Lux-Reflex o­n www.lux-reflex.de  
Korsnäs White is a premium white cartonboard with a unique combination of extreme formability and outstanding print surface, developed especially for luxury products and exclusive packaging with creative designs. It is a four layer virgin fibre board with coating o­n the top side as well as o­n the reverse, which offers high whiteness and excellent print result o­n both sides. Substance range from 240 to 410 gsm.

Korsnäs is o­ne of Sweden’s leading forestry companies, manufacturing some 1.1 million tonnes of paper and cartonboard annually at two facilities – Gävle and Frövi. Korsnäs develops, manufactures and sells virgin fibre-based packaging materials intended for users with exacting requirements for efficient, creative, functional packaging solutions, primarily in the consumer goods segment. The company exports approximately 90 percent of its products. Korsnäs employs 1,900 people, has annual sales of SEK 7,519 m (2007) and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Investment Kinnevik AB.