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Rexam Foamers and Specialty Coffee New Opportunities for Beverage Innovation

 Rexam’s mechanical, finger-pump technology makes foaming coffee topper an appealing new choice…

Rexam’s innovative dispensing technology will soon be the engine of growth for a completely new beverage category – the foaming coffee topper, according to Casper Kleiman, Rexam Personal Care Product Manager – Foam.
The leader in mechanical, o­ne-touch foamers has again demonstrated the significance of packaging in new product creation.   “In terms of product performance, market potential and consumer appeal, the flavored, foaming coffee topper offers incredible possibilities,” Kleiman said.   “There is unprecedented demand for specialty coffee, driven by an increasingly sophisticated consumer and the aggressive marketing efforts of multinational fast-food companies.”
A non-dairy formula that creates instant, long-lasting, flavored foam means easy and convenient storage and consumer usage, no refrigeration, enhanced shelf-stability — and unrivaled o­n-shelf appeal.  “On top of that, our mechanical finger pumps are eco-friendly, which is more desirable now than ever,” Kleiman added. 
According to industry reports, specialty coffee sales now grow 20 percent annually and represent nearly eight percent of the $18 billion U.S. coffee market.  Further, more than 50 percent of the population drinks espresso, cappuccino, lattes and iced coffees.
“We are at the confluence of several key consumer issues,” he said.  “Demand for specialty coffee products is accelerating, as disposable income shrinks.  Consumers are strapped for time – and are ‘on the go’ – and appreciate innovative, fun products they can take with them, in the car, at the office – and that offer high value.”

In terms of product-related consumer benefits, a foaming coffee topper allows the user to control the amount of flavor and foam, is easy to spread and quick to use, lasts longer than coffee-house cappuccino foam, and offers a high fun factor.
Rexam provides innovative packaging solutions for the world’s most famous power-brands, as well as for aggressive, start-up entrepreneurs.  The firm offers the world’s widest range of instant-foam dispensers.  These are computer-engineered mechanisms with sophisticated, proven technology that allow a precise mixture of liquid and air to create rich, creamy foam, reliably and easily.