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Plating investment helps Escada to benefit from beauté s

  RPC beauté’s reputation for innovative and eye-catching cosmetics packaging solutions has been confirmed with the creation of three caps for the latest launches from the Escada brand. The designs are amongst the first to benefit from a recent ¤ 1 million investment made to RPC beauté’s plating and assembly processes.

New caps for the recently introduced female and male varieties of Escada Moon Sparkle, follow the Autumn 2007 launch of the Escada S fragrance. Manufacturer Procter & Gamble wanted a high-quality visual effect for all three products that reflects Escada’s luxury image, and asked RPC beauté to manufacture appropriate cap solutions.The cap for Escada S complements the brand values of adventure and colour conveyed by its fun and stylish polka-dot container. RPC beauté supplies the high density ABS overmoulded cap and ABS collar, both electroplated in shiny white bronze with, respectively, a PP and a PE inner. The overmoulded design allows high wall thickness variations and eliminates sink marks.
Moon Sparkle features a tall, cylindrical cap whose feminine curves complements the teardrop shaped bottle, while the design for Moon Sparkle For Men is a similar shape but shorter and more ‘masculine,’ reflecting the product’s blue, angular bottle. Both feature an ABS electroplated cap, a die cut steel weight and PP inner. In addition, the female design includes an ABS electroplated collar and POM inner. 

For all three caps, RPC beauté has been able to benefit from 100% automated high-speed assembly enabling delivery of the complete cap solution, including all weights, collars and inners, for a very competitive price. This has been made possible by major industrial investments completed at RPC beauté Marolles since its acquisition by RPC. Nearly half a million euros has been invested in the fully robotised, flexible, high speed assembly line able to assemble any fragrance or make-up cap or closure with up to five different components, to reduce direct labour to the bare minimum labour content and enhance competitiveness. 

Nearly the same amount has been spent in the automation of the loading/unloading area of the plating line, significantly reducing manual input in a traditionally labour-intensive operation to make RPC beauté’s plating process extremely competitive relative to plating competitors and alternative finishes. At the same time, RPC beauté has made further enhancements to its plating process to improve its environmental profile.

The use of chemicals has been reduced, no heavy metals are released and the process uses no solvent or COV of any kind, in contrast to varnishing or vacuum metallising, which typically require oxidation or vapour burning that can produce greenhouse gasses.

In addition, the process has a small carbon footprint, as RPC beauté operates in France, a country where 95% of the electricity comes from nuclear origin or renewable sources.“The recent improvements to our plating operation enhance our ability to create eye-catching and cost-effective solutions,” comments Gerald Martines, General Manager of RPC beauté.  “Escada has been quick to recognise the benefits and has been rewarded with these stylish cap designs.”