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Sidel at Interpack 2008 Innovations safeguard health and the environment

  Sidel at Interpack 2008  Innovations safeguard health and the environment 

Sidel, o­ne of the world’s top suppliers of complete bottling lines, will take part in Interpack, packaging’s biggest trade show, in Dusseldorf from April 24th-30th. At its 1,000-sq-meter booth, Sidel will present its newest packaging solutions, from bottle design to palletizing.
This year, sensitive drinks take center stage.  Flavored waters, juices, nectars, isotonic drinks, teas and liquid dairy products are extremely popular with consumers who are fueling a surge in demand for health and wellness products.  Sidel will unveil its latest aseptic packaging solutions for this market segment, which puts a premium o­n product safety. 

In addition to product safety, the environmental impact of packaging is playing an increasingly important role.  Reducing consumption – of raw materials, energy, water and chemicals – has become a top concern of beverage industry professionals.  Part of Sidel’s booth will be dedicated to breakthrough solutions created by Sidel to address to these concerns.

• NoBottle™, an ultra lightweight (9.9 g) yet elegant PET bottle, uses up to 40% less plastic.  Its secret lies in Sidel’s exclusive Flex™ technology based o­n shape memory. During Interpack, look for NoBottle™ o­n display alongside other exciting technological advances.

• In contrast with conventional bottle decontamination processes, Predis™, Sidel’s unique dry preform decontamination technology uses few chemicals and no water.  At the show, Sidel will feature new applications for this technology. 

• Options and Upgrades kits enable manufacturers to improve existing equipment with solutions offering significant water or energy savings.  Without investment in new equipment, producers can reduce their equipment’s impact o­n the environment and get a quick return o­n investment.

Finally, another area of the booth will showcase innovative end of line solutions.

• Sidel will feature demonstrations of 3 robots working o­n a conveyor preparing layers for PET packs.  This brand new way of handling secondary packaging introduces “positive” robotic handling of packs as they enter the system, thus eliminating friction and impact.

• The Elettric 80 Laser Guided Vehicle, or LGV, produced by Sidel’s partner company, will also be up and running.

Sidel is o­ne of the world’s top suppliers of beverage lines and packaging equipment.  The company employs 5,300 people around the world and is a division of Tetra Laval.