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Eggcellent packs in Korsnas board

  Gold Award, Sponsor’s Award, Best in Show:   Monika Osinska – Lahti Institute of Design

Student Starpack Award:
In the Easter Egg Carton Pack category, sponsored by Marks & Spencer and cartonboard producer Korsnas, this contribution – described as having great shelf impact, funny, creative, simple, displaying the product and easy to manufacture – won not o­nly the Gold Star but was also awarded Best in Show and the Sponsors’ Award.
M&S has a very tough packaging policy and is actively working with environmental issues at the same time as they are marketing their products with packaging that sells. As sponsors in Student Starpack Award they are, together with Korsnas, encouraging creative packaging solutions in cartonboard which reflect their aspiration for design. The aim in the brief was to reduce the amount of plastic inserts and create innovative shapes and forms using o­nly Korsnas board to create the supporting mechanism.

Student Starpack Award becoming more international
This year 249 students from 25 universities were competing in different categories. An increasing number of foreign universities have joined the competition and this year Lahti Institute of Design in Finland was the university that received most awards, whereof Monika Osinska got three awards for her Easter Egg. Monika is Polish, studying in Finland and impressed the jury in the UK-competition with her brilliant, simple and eye-catching solution.

Gold Award, Sponsor’s Award, Best in Show:   
Monika Osinska – Lahti Institute of Design
The egg is squeezed out
The pack is produced from o­ne piece of cartonboard and the graphics are fully united with the product: a little cute chicken holding an egg in its beak, which also makes it very attractive for children. There is no need for opening or closing with any extra elements (i.e. tape, etc) – the egg can be squeezed out.