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Korsnas helps Johnnie walk right off the shelf

 The right packaging sells, and promotional packaging sells even better. Campaigns can boost day-to-day sales when they capture spontaneous consumers who might not otherwise have bought the product. The concept is to build o­n the impulse of the moment – Do it now! – whether by presenting gift ideas for Christmas, Easter or summer holidays, or simply by brightening an ordinary day. Brand owners work hard to tempt consumers with attractive packaging, often containing a “free” gift or offering an attractive price that convinces people to take the plunge.

Diageo, the world’s leading luxury beverage brand owner, with labels like Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Baileys, is no exception. It sells products around the world, and since spirits advertising is heavily regulated, and the regulations vary from country to country, it is communicating more and more through packaging. In Poland, promotionally packaged Johnnie Walker Red Label has a big share of the total sales, and Korsnäs cartonboard is widely used for these packs.
Good printing results and no problems
“Our years of experience with Korsnäs board have been 100% positive,” says Ewa Klosiewics, head buyer at Diageo Polska. “Beautiful printing is essential for packaging that sells, but the board has to be strong and stand up to rough handling, too.” Damaged packages with crushed corners are a disaster for the brand’s image, but even tiny flaws affect the product’s ability to attract that all-important impulse-purchase. o­ne growing trend in promotional packaging is the windowing of cartons to display the product. This demands even more of the board material, since the window makes the pack weaker, additionally the previously hidden reverse side now plays a part in building the brand image and has to be smooth and white too. Korsnäs’ new grade Frövi White is ideally suited to such requirements.

Whisky chipping away at vodka’s dominance
“With the changes of the past 20 years, vodka no longer has as strong a hold o­n the Polish people,” says Marcin Nowacki, Brand Manager for Johnnie Walker at Diageo Polska. “Consumption habits have changed, moving in a more exclusive direction, since today’s generation drinks more moderately, for enjoyment. As we import more products from abroad, vodka is giving ground to whisky and wine, which have much higher status. Whisky sales are growing 30% annually. Vodka is still number o­ne, but its position is threatened.” Johnnie Walker addresses different target groups with its Red, Black, Green, Gold and Blue Label products. Red Label accounts for the greatest volume and is positioned as a versatile and vibrant whisky that keeps its character when mixed. Despite generally declining vodka sales, Diageo is bucking the trend with Smirnoff, whose growth is spurred in part by hard-hitting promotional packaging.
”Passion, integrity and a thirst for outstanding commercial performance” – that’s Diageo’s leadership style in nutshell. The company has 22,000 employees worldwide and offices in 80 countries. Diageo was founded in 1997, but the brand’s history stretches as far back as 1749. In 1820, 15-year-old John Walker founded a little grocery in Kilmarnock, where he began blending malt whiskies, experimenting his way to what is now Johnnie Walker. The name Diageo is a combination of the Latin dia, day, and the Greek geo, world. In other words, Every Day – Everywhere, their products are brightening lives. And statistics show just how much: the world drinks 5 bottles of Johnnie Walker per second, or 150 million bottles annually, in over 200 countries.

Brand owner: Diageo Polska, Poland
Brand: Johnnie Walker Red Label
Converter: BSC, Poland
Cartonboard supplier: Korsnäs
Grammage: Frovi White 410 g/m²