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Complex technologies add gloss to Cosmetics

 The latest luxury cosmetics packaging concept developed by RPC beauté for Lancôme Color Fever has highlighted its expertise in complex project management and technologies. Innovations include partial electroplating of a bi-material collar to achieve a combined translucent-metallic finish.Color Fever Gloss is an ulra-shiny and luxurious gloss that delivers a sensual vibrant lipshine. Lancôme required high-quality packaging that would accentuate the brand image and, following the successful launch of the RPC beauté pack for Color Fever lipstick, the site was asked to provide a similarly eye-catching concept for the new product range.
The design – which incorporates a vial, collar and cap – uses several technologies, including bi-injection, overmoulding, sonic welding and the recently developed technique of partial electroplating, to create its distinctive look.

The gloss vial is injected in copolyester and features a strong geometric shape despite large wall thickness variations. The surface is hot stamped with the Lancôme logo before being overprinted with a clear tampo print to enhance scuff resistance.
To achieve the metallic-looking collar, the neck is bi-injection moulded from two different polymers and submitted to a partial electroplating process – unique to RPC beauté – which creates translucency and a metallic finish o­n the same part, with a quality of execution that no other technique can match.
The cap is manufactured from an insert, moulded in a high resistance compound, which is then plated and finally overmoulded with Surlyn®.

The complete pack is produced o­n fully automated lines featuring integrated 100% visual inspection by cameras and tests for air-tightness, in order to guarantee zero defects.
“The result is a concept that meets Lancôme’s requirement for the highest standard of appearance to complement the luxury image of Color Fever Gloss,” comments Gerald Martines of RPC beauté.
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