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Up-market decoration – The Skinsleever solution: sleeves become skin

  Now, texturized sleeves… 

The lack of  interest in traditional products is a confirmed factor of the spirits segment: today s consumers want modernity. Corporate brands are developing a trendy image, redesigning their bottles with the assistance of creators and playing with formats to win over young adults. To help them make the most of this wave of modernity, the Sleever has become a major component of alcohol brands marketing strategy. A distinctive shape, attractive special effects and a variety of surface finishings that invite the hand to reach out and touch the product.

The latest development in the Sleever collection, the Skinsleever by Sleever International brings a new sensorial dimension to the sleeve universe: touch. The result of four years of research, the Skinsleever recreates the incredible feel of six exceptional leather finishes lizard, python, ostrich, etc., all of which in a palette of modern colours.The beauty of this solution is founded o­n the combination of three new technologies. Firstly, a new generation of mono-oriented elastomer-based films, developed by Sleever Technologies, with the unique property of remembering its shape after heat shrinking, which makes it possible to create relief effects or three-dimensional patterns.

The 3D motif can be combined thanks to developments by Sleever Labels with a new bespoke helio-engraving printing technique in 8 to 9 colours and highly accurate positioning (3/10ths mm) to reproduce the subtle effects of luxury leathers.Its automated implementation oï½­n Powersleeve Evolution 3 and infrared shrink Powerskinner machines designed by Sleever Machines makes it possible to reach speeds of between 300 and 900 bottles/minute.Two exclusive partnerships led to the launch of the first applications of the Skinsleeverï o­n luxury markets.

The first was with Cognac de Luze for a limited series of leather-encased XO Cognac flasks in a plexi gift set. The second for Icelandic is a collectible luxury mineral water adorned with a small brown sheath and leather lacing. The Skinsleever solution has enriched the group Sleeverpalette with a novel 3D concept to provide ever more unique and innovative decorative solutions for the demanding wines and spirits markets, as well as for the perfumery and cosmetics segments.

Sleever International provides turnkey sleeving solutions to customers worldwide across the food, pharmaceutical, beverages, drinks and beauty markets.

Skinsleever and  Sleever International are trademarks by Sleever International.

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