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Shining Northern Light on Packaging

For the third consecutive year, young designers competed for Korsnas Packaging Impact Design Award. This year, Mikael Andersson of Malardalens Hogskola took home the top prize for his futuristic Northern Light champagne packaging. Prizes were awarded in Fr?i before an audience including the leading lights of the Swedish packaging industry.

The Packaging Impact Design Award (PIDA) was established during the Swedish Year of Design 2005. It was an immediate hit with the packaging industry – so much so that PIDA has since spread to Germany and France.
The Swedish finals were held o?­n 31 May 2007, with 14 qualifying entries. The theme was packaging of the future.

Mikael Andersson with his futuristic Northern Light champagne packaging, which won Kornas PIDA design competition. Andersson is a student at Malardalens Hogskola in Eskilstuna.
“The students were told to choose a luxury product and design creative, selling packaging that might feel current in 2017,” says PIDA coordinator Annica Alexanderson. The material was selected in advance – Kornasnew product  Frovi White – and an important challenge for the competitors was to make use of Frovi White’s unique plasticity and perfect printing surface. “The students really took o?­n the challenge in an impressive way,” says Alexanderson.
The jury, consisting of well known figures from the Nordic packaging world, selected the winner unanimously, justifying its decision as follows: “Both the graphics and the shape have an unmistakeably futuristic feel, with a simple, thoughtfully conceived design. This packaging fulfils every criterion and, given its intended use for a Swedish-produced champagne, demonstrates vision and tests the limits of the possible.”

From left to right…
Face Kit – beauty products for men
Several packages of different sizes combine to make up a convenient kit.
Isabel Holmberg and Marcus Reldin, Malardalens Hogskola
Care – skincare
A commendably simple packaging solution in the spirit of “less is more” for suspended display.
Isabel Holmberg and Marcus Reldin, Malardalens Hogskola
Through the Scenery – CD
Functional packaging with attractive graphics. Demonstrates the possibilities of the cartonboard material and its advantages compared to traditional CD jewel cases.
Josefine Larsson and Michael Ceken, Mittuniversitetet
The silver medal went to Susanne Gruffman and Peik Tikkanden from Nackademin for their Lotus jewellery box, while Neta Ryd駭­, Riika Sirkas and Susanne Ekelund of Nackademin took bronze for their Dodix gift packaging for children’s clothing.
In addition to the design contest, PIDA Day at  Frovi included several interesting lectures and an engaging panel discussion. Dan Mangell, of the Pond design agency, noted that consumers have grown more and more convenience-oriented and spontaneous, and therefore predicted that the packaging of the future would become increasingly situation-specific. 

From lef to right…
Ambrosia – champagne
An unusual design with a sober white exterior and a glittering gold interior gives the packaging a feeling of luxury and quality.
Jenny Skantz and Malin Engstrom Mittuniversitetet
Honourable Mention
Box Beauty – jewellery  
Simple, elegant packaging providing a refined showcase for the jewellery it contains.
Jury’s grounds:
A fine alternative that makes use of a new material oï½­n a market dominated by plastic and velvet. Elegantly simple material and design with a surprising 3D effect.
Isabel Holmberg and Marcus Reldin, Malardalens Hogskola
Eze Me – bath bomb
Exposes both the product and the brand and functions as a decorative element in the bathroom.
Anneli alin, Mittuniversitetet
Jens Nordfalt, who holds a PhD in consumer behaviour, tackled the topic of “How We Make Decisions in the Shop”. He gave the audience an informative look at the limits of our ability to absorb and remember messages. The conclusion was that a product’s packaging and exposure in the shop has a huge impact oï½­n its sales success.
“Why Do We Need Packaging Design?” was the theme of a panel discussion led by Bo Wallteg, editor-in-chief, managing director and owner of  Nordemballage. The audience actively participated using mentometer buttons. The conclusion was never in doubt: we need packaging design and it will o?­nly grow more important in the future.
Third Prize 
 –Dodix – children’s clothing 
 Charming gift packaging that makes its product a “must have”. The handle makes it a fun handbag and enables unusual in-shop displays. The window (the nose) is a playful way of showing the product.
Jury’s grounds:  
Creative, selling packaging, well positioned for its area of application and sure to be saved as a plaything.
Neta Ryd駭­, Riika Sirkas and Susanne Ekelund, Nackademin
Camella – coffee
Portion-packed coffee in the shape of an igloo. Can either be suspended or displayed oï½­n a shelf. 
 Thomas Lenninger, Marardalens Hogskola
 –Super Lite Diet Meal – health food
Packaging that gives dieting a touch of exclusivity.
Isabel Holmberg and Marcus Reldin, Marardalens Hogskola

“We are deeply impressed by the students’ work and happy the event was such a success,” says Korsnas CEO Peter Sandberg. “PIDA has become a first-rank meeting place, where established and up-and-coming packaging pros can meet, exchange ideas and inspire o?­ne another.”
Second Prize
– jewellery
Present and jewellery packaging that makes gift-giving an event in itself.
Jury’s grounds:
An evocative packaging solution with several areas of application which makes good use of the material and enhances the product.  
This package is sure to become a toy afterwards.
Susanne Gruffman and Peik Tikkanen, Nackademin
Mr Loud/Diesel – fashion
Packaging shaped like a road emergency triangle grabs attention, and the little handle makes it functional, too.
Anneli alin, Mittuniversitetet
Mocca – coffee
Coffee packaging with clean graphic design. A built-in coffee measure provides functional added value. 
Therese Svenske, Madeleine Bergstrom and Veronica Linderholm, Broby Grafiska 
Packaging Design Impact Award – background
When Korsnas established the Packaging Impact Design Award in 2005, the company had already been arranging design contests in Spain, Sweden and the UK for ten years. Encouraged by the good response, Korsnas contacted the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart in the run-up to the 2006 edition of the event. This year, a PIDA event is being held in cooperation with IUT University in Reims, France. Korsnas has also cooperated with Marks & Spencer to support the Student Starpack Award in the UK.

Photos by: 
Magnus Wahman  and Greger Tallroth